critic to wattpad #1: RAPE IS A SERIOUS ISSUE

Wattpad. Many people’s paradise, many people’s hell. The line between a good story and a popular story there is wide. Like from Earth to Jupiter wide. Because yeah, there are good, popular stories (for example PANDORA, by Sofi Dalesio, was good, but then they took it off to publish it in paper so…Can’t read it for the millionth time anymore😩), but most of the things published there are seriously embarrassing. From grammatical disasters, to an ortography so bad it seems like the author never went to school. And that’s just the language problems. But my first post complaining about wattpad is going to focus on the plot.

Ok, 11 year old wattpad “author”: I totally understand you adore Harry Styles. I do too. But, please, you have a serious mental issue if your adoration for him expresses itself on a fanfic called “raped by my neighbour-Harry Styles and you”. No, honestly, Mrs “author”, rape is a very serious issue, you are not supposed to joke around about it.

If you think I’m kidding because you have never logged into wattpad, I’m sorry, I’m not.

I know the picture is in Spanish, ill get here later. Just so you can understand, VIOLADA means RAPED in Spanish

I also found many YouTube stories about it: fanfiction in which the main character, usually avvery your girl (between 14 and 16 years old, always a virgin) gets raped by her neighbor/stepbrother, AKA Justin Bieber or, most often, Harry Styles.

You understand I do not agree the least with this, right? All of these so called novels treat the topic WRONG. But it gets worse: the authors are about eleven years old, on average (I have checked their profiles while researching for this, trust me). So an 11 year old girl’s fantasy is… To be raped by a famous hot teen idol? Honestly? I’m shocked. I’m in trauma. Where is the world going?

Then, you begin reading the novel. They usually have an awful style: dialogues written as if it was a theater play and not a novel, lots of pictures portraying the characters’ clothes, lots of grammar and ortography mistakes… Rape is also badly portrayed: although the guy does force the girl, she usually enjoys it and then, misteriously, hates the guy for forcing her when he…Well, he wasn’t forcing her. Then they sleep together, like something totally normal, hugged tight or something, and next day at highschool, are best friends again! That makes no sense. That’s not real.

Stockholm syndrome and kidnapping is also widely used (especially after One Direction released their song “Stockholm syndrome”, because fanfiction authors LOVE to use their idol’s song or movie titles as their story name), but is also very fake, and the authors rarely have done any research.

I started trying to find the cause for this misinformation, for this wide use of  something as serious as rape is as something it’s not, a pleasurable experience that leaves no secuels (except apparently bringing the rapist and the victim tight as thieves), and I discovered something unbelievable: if you look for “my neighbor raped me” in English, no fanfiction appears. If you search specifically “my neighbor raped me fanfiction”, more serious, realistic fanfiction appears. In the English version of the rape fanfics, the idol rarely is the rapist, and rape is more realistic. The authors are usually older, and they treat the subject a little more seriously. If you do the search in Spanish, you don’t even have to add the word “fanfiction” for the results to be the ones I previously showed and explained.

The results for “raped by my neighbor” in English
Results after adding the word “fanfiction”

  I haven’t conducted any research on the authors nationalities, but I honestly think it would be an interesting thing to study, because there’s obviously a problem in education. English speaking people understand more the reality of rape than Spanish speaking ones, some of them even acting as rape is the highest thing you could aspire for, and the best thing that could happen to you.

To end this post, already my longest in this blog 😅, I would like to talk about the famous people the Spanish authors are writing about. Your beloved Harry Styles. He is being called a RAPIST. A. RAPIST. YOU ARE CALLING YOUR IDOL A RAPIST. YOU WANT HIM TO RAPE YOU.

Please explain that to me, because I can’t understand it. I simply can’t.


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